The debate on Dinos per tribe

Hello Survivors en Survivorettes,

I do still see an increase in the urge to tame as many dinos as possible.

Everybody his own gamingstyle, but this causes issues with people that have another gaming style, in that you decrease the spawn amount, once claimed. The incentive on this server should be/is to breed and grow your own dinos and crops. Team up, form alliances and breed.

I made to max dino per tribe be (MDpT) 30 2 weeks ago. This was a bit low, so I changed it back to 60.
Now people are back taming dinos for forks. My Log screen is littered with taming messages.

So, taming just for having dinos on display..Not really a style I tend to facilitate. I like a dynamic server.
Breed, grow, communicate and interact with your fellow survivors to get better dinos.

That being said.. If I do not see any change in taming spam I will decresse the setting back to 30 again.
For the record, do not come running to the admin that you wasted eggs or orbs on hatching with empty results.
If you find that a hatched egg or orb does not give you any dinos, you are probably maxed out on dinos and you need to get rid of some of them.