Server Rules

  1. General:

    1. Rule Nr 1. You do not understand these rules, tough luck, but we are not going to explain or justify them.
    2. Once you play on the server, we assume you've know, read and understand these rules. No excuses!
    3. You do not agree with the rules.. fine, but I do encourage you to find another server.
    4. New! Rule of thumb, Don't spoil the fun for other players. In case you do? Good-bye and good riddance. instaban
    5. Failure to comply with the set rules results in accompanied retribution. The bold text will show the penalty
    6. Age is irrelevant, but this server is aimed at age 18 and over players.
    7. Are you younger, you're still welcome, but know the admins will treat you as being an adult.
    8. Bad language is allowed but SMS languagetextese or texting language (aka slang) is better left home. If you cannot create full or complete sentences, Aufwiedereschnitzel. instaban
    9. New! If PvP mode exists it will be from xx:xx till xx:xx hour (Stated in the MOTD).
    10. Hate in any form whatsoever will not be tolerated. instaban
    11. Obnoctious and/or spoiled brats better find another server to terrorize, We will not allow it. instaban
    12. New! Dinos dropping on other tribes is not done, when reported we will filter the logs for players that where online during the alleged occurance and they will get a chance to come clean. If it happens too often Flyer-Carry will be disabled
      If no culprit emerges from the session, all addressed players instaban. We do have a(multiple) culprit(s): Let's powwow. Powwow without a satisfactory result culprits(s) get instaban.
    13. PvP KOS (Kill On Site) is a big nono! Dino on active aggresive is also considered KOS. instaban
    14. Do not whine, moan or sollicit for taming aid or resources with admin or other players! kick, kick, ban
    15. Goes without saying that hacks or exploits are instaban
    16. Challeging an Admin to kick or ban a certain player could result in a counter ban. ban.
    17. To keep the server lean and clean Structure and Dino decay have been set rather high and strict.
    18. Loose gear or dinos during a glitch, bug or server crash/restart. Fat chance, it's buggy bug world.
  2. New players:

    1. PvP No Noob Battles. instaban
    2. When entering the server, try to be a gent or a lassie and say hello. If an Admin sees you entering and you do not comply to this request... kick,kick,ban
    3. You're new and all alone.. Wanna be in a tribe? Prove your worth and try to survive on your own for a while. Whining for admission will result in a ban.
    4. Is your name Bob, Joe, Human, Jane or any other form of default name (unless that is your actual name), or you're using nicks of Streamers/Youtubers, when not actually being that person, is living on hthe edge. If you want to use them, please find another server because we repel the uninspired. kick, ban
  3. Raiden/War/Griefing in PvP:

    1. Respect each other , a slight bit of tact is welcomed. Bad language is allowed, we are all adults here, act like it.
    2. "Raiding" of bases is allowed, within the hereafter mentioned ruleset.
    3. NO PvO (Player vs Offline) (if raid protection is disabled). Killing of offline players (AFK = online) results in instaban! As of update 242 raid protection is an optional setting.
    4. (Plant)Turrets are not allowed on dino platforms. kick, ban
    5. When raiding (Offline and Online), make a hole big enough to enter but leave the rest of the base intact.
    6. Raided? Where your dino's set to passive and outside? Tough luck indeed, you should have made a dino pen.
    7. Collateral damage is unavoidable.
    8. When in tribal warfare and this tribe lebels your base, it is allowed, as long as one of your tribe is online. Logout during this raid is considered combat logging and will resilt in an instaban
    9. Structure decay is on. If it says you can demolish it, you can. I'd rather you did actually!
    10. Raiding and being raided. This goes like: Don't do unto others what you don't want done to you. So , have you been raided, raid back. it is your prerogative. But if you moan about people raiding you, do not raid others.
  4. Building:

    1. Blocking caves or building in them is not allowed. removal of sturctures
    2. Mountain tops (aka resource hotspots) are there for everybody's enjoyment, base building or blocking is not allowed. If we do see bases being build to block or disable spawning of rersources we will remove any structeres or dinos.
    3. A base cannot block or encapsulate a "spawn" point, or be within a high range radius of a turret. removal of structures
    4. Changed base locations, be a good Mr. Proper and clean up any structures left behind. Do this within a week, or we will do a destroy all tribe structures.
  5. Tribes:

    1. Max tribe members is set to 10 players.
    2. No rule but a tip: Put tribe governance so that when a person leaves the tribe he/she can take his tamed dinos with him.


Peeps, I'd rather have a server without rules and I know rules aren't easy to uphold.
So don't abuse them when we are not online.
Know that the server owner (Scorpion King / Amber King) everything monitors what is being said in chat and it will be read before joining the server.
I'll/We try our best to, while searching for new methodes and mods, to keep the server as balanced and fun for every player.

Goes without saying that these rules are subject to change without notice (Check them as often as possible!) and Admin rule: "My rules, so my perogative to enforce them or not".