Welcome on the Living Amber ARK server.

This website is intended to provide info and regulations (rules) concerning the servers hosted on the living amber Cluster.
Before you do anything on the server, read the rules and make your you are compliant with them!

Server style is mixed per itteration. The current server is: PVE.
PVE: Enjoy the comfort of not having to worry about your fellow survivors, but know that the world around you is quite a bit more hostile then generic servers

PVE/PVP: This mode has a pvp schedule added to the above PVE. Be prepared to defend and RAID other players

PVP: This mode is rare because it attrackts the worst kind of players.

General rule on all modes is that building square blocked base is discuraged. I want to see elaborate bases, so dive into a creative frenzy and I will not bug you about it. Build square blocks and I'll be hackling you until you comply.
This also goes for the building materials..
In PVE/PVP your bases (not animal stables) should be able to withstand a raid.

What on earth do you mean admin?? Well... Google the three little pigs and you'll understand.

Have fun.

And remember: Keep it real, keep it fun, and that for everyone.